Ruse and Bruise New Edition.

Neu bei Lupri auf der Spiel in Essen 2018.

Empfehlung zu Kabale und Hiebe

Thank You!

Dear Backer,


Thank you very much for supporting my game Ruse and Bruise over the last three weeks.


It was easy for me to decide for a Crowdfunding project by Kickstarter but it wasn´t so easy at times to complete the task.  I was so glad that I had finished my site and put it online.  Unfortunately I soon realized that my site had a few gliches and that it was lacking a video.  However apparently no video is worse than a less than perfect one. The same is true for the „Hyping“ the project on various platforms prior to the „kickoff“.  


It´s too bad the project financing didn´t work out as I had expected ,but I can just consider the whole undertaking as a learning experience.


Again thanks a lot for all your support and advice about the new cards.  Who knows, maybe it will work out some other way.


All the best,




The six new Cards:

The Crown


The Crown is the symbol of a sovereign. Every man or woman becomes king or queen with a crown on his or her head, that applies to Ruse and Bruise too.


If the Crown-Card of a player is revealed, this player becomes the King (at the table). Immediately he draws a further card from his draw pile. From now on he plays with four (4) cards, instead of three (3).


Moreover, he can ask the other players to supply him with food and drinks. However, this rule is optional.


If another crown is revealed, this player becomes the new king. The old King is set down and the Crown moves to the new King. In the next round the old king doesn’t draw a card. Now he isn’t the king anymore he plays again with only three (3) cards. Not only fame, also power is transient


Lodestone Rock

There is a tale which tells, that the Lodestone Rock attracts ships, when coming close to this awfull rock. The ships are attracted to the rock by a strong current. Shortly before arriving the Lodestone Rock, all iron parts within the boats are attracted to the Rock. Because the ships lose all of their iron parts, they break apart and sink to the ground of the sea. In Ruse and Bruise the Lodestone Rock draws revealed cards in its column. When the Lodestone-Card is revealed, the player draws one revealed card from any column and places it between the Lodestone-Card and the card, which revealed the Lodestone-Card. This works with any revealed card, except with other Lodestone-Cards and the Storm-Cards.



With the Gold-Card players can exchange the Goal-Card of a column, but by playing this card robbers, in this case pirates, will be attract.

 If a Pirate-Card is revealed, the owner can choose one open Gold-Card out of any column.

 A raid is only possible, when the Pirate-Card is revealed. Later revealed Gold-Cards are safe of already revealed Pirate-Cards.

 The Pirate-Card is a strong card. It is not only the answer to the Gold-Card, but with a Value of 9,5 it is immune against the Wizard and the Witch, like the Assassin.



Gold rules the world. People can buy for Gold a lot of things, also in Ruse and Bruise. The players may exchange their Gold-Card for a Goal-Card. At the end of the round the owner of the Gold-Card may exchange his Gold-Card for the Goal-Card in the same column. The Gold-Card has no card value, but at the end of the game, the Gold Card is worth 3 Victory-Points.

The Necromancer

The Necromancer represents the other side of time, the past. He tries to activate past things and persons. In Ruse and Bruise the Necromancer activates played cards. If the Necromancer is revealed, the player of the card chooses a card from his own open pile. He puts the choosen card on top of his draw pile (face down). The next card he has to draw is the card from the past.

The Necromancer is one of five cards with an effect if revealed. The Necromancer brings back an already played card. It can be a very strong card if the player draws the card late in game.

Female Seer.

The first new card is the female seer. A seer is a person who is able to look into the future, supported by different magic objects. The female seer on the picture uses a glass ball for their forcasts. I can imagine some other objects to look into the future, but we decided to take a classic one.

If the female seer is revealed  the card owner can choose a card from his draw pile. The player looks into the future (of his deck). After choosing a card the player shuffles his deck and puts the choosen card (face down) on top of his draw pile. The next card he has to draw is the card out of the future.

The female Seer is one of five cards with an effect if revealed. The card can help to get a needed card in the game earlier. For example: Hold the prince in hand and need the Squire, or hold Juliet and need Romeo. The female Seer is the solution.

The beginning of Ruse and Bruise?

One morning I woke up and and the game completely finished. Okay, the idea of a game completely finished. But, at this time, it was a different theme, not magic Renaissance, no, it was a business theme. More precisely, an insurance theme.

First Publisher was interested in the game, but the theme, a business one, find a new theme and come back, he said.

The second Publisher was interested in too, we will find a theme, he said, but the rules let us talk about.

The first edition of Ruse and Bruise was born.